James Cummings & Kevin McKenzie

James Cummings

James Cummings founded J.S. Cummings & Associates in 1992 (which subsequently became Cummings Law Corporation and later Cummings McKenzie), after graduating from UBC in 1987 with degrees in both Commerce and Law.  James also went to Asia which is where he learned Mandarin in anticipation of using it as a lawyer upon his return to Canada.  James  is conversationally and legally fluent in Mandarin, and continues to use it on a daily basis with his clients.  He has also appeared on TV and radio shows as well as conducted numerous seminars for SUCCESS over the years in Mandarin.

James has over 25 years of experience in law.  James is involved in both solicitor’s work (for example real estate transactions, wills and estates), but he is also intimately involved in joint litigation files with Kevin, where he can add a solicitor’s perspective to the files (many of which started out as files where he was involved as a solicitor).

Kevin McKenzie and James met in UBC Commerce (now called the Sauder School of Business) and have been close friends ever since. In fact, it was Kevin who persuaded James to go into Law School with him, thus saving James from becoming an accountant!

Upon graduating from Law School in 1987 with degrees in both Commerce and Law, Kevin joined his father’s firm McKenzie and Company where he practiced until his father’s semi-retirement in 2015, at which time he came over to Cummings Law Corporation (whereupon the firm was renamed Cummings McKenzie).

Kevin has always been a litigator. Kevin’s father is a prominent litigator in Vancouver, particularly in the area of debt collection, and Kevin learned the tricks of the trade from him as well as through a lot of litigating.  After James returned from Asia and started his own firm, Kevin and James started working together on a number of litigation matters for James’ Asian clients in a wide variety of areas. Some of those cases are listed under the “Case Library” tab of this website.  Kevin and James have been doing this for over 25 years now, which is why they often finish each other’s sentences!

Generally speaking, in litigation matters, Kevin and James focus on money related matters in the broad sense, such as real estate disputes (for example, where a purchaser refuses to complete on a purchase of a house), estate litigation (e.g.where a person has been disinherited ), debt collection (Kevin’s original area of expertise), and contract disputes (e.g. construction disputes and builder’s liens).  Kevin and James do not get involved in car accidents or family law litigation.

Kevin McKenzie